Italy has a very rich variety of tourist destinations characterized by the beauty of the place and by what that specific territory can offer to the tourist who visits it, then Art, Culture, Music, Food, Wine, Sport, Relaxation and Wellness.


The reasons that push tourists (foreigners and interns) to visit the Belpaese are many and can be categorized, for simplicity of analysis, in the following paragraphs. It would be misleading to consider these "types of tourism" as watertight compartments that do not influence each other. The opportunity to find territories often rich in diversified tourism proposals, in fact, facilitates and stimulates visitors interested mainly in a type of offer to take advantage of complementary proposals that they find on the spot.

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Travel ideas

Travel ideas

Al Mare

In Montagna

Su un'Isola

Al Lago

In una città d'arte

In antichi Borghi


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