Italy has an immense artistic, historical and cultural heritage, consisting of more than 3400 museums, 2100 archaeological parks and 43 UNESCO sites.


The authentic value of this vast treasure lies not in quantity but rather in its quality and principally in three precise factors which are: the millenary harmony between the cities and the landscape, the strong diffusion in the territory of the historical-cultural heritage and of the environmental values , the continuous use of much of it (churches, palaces, villages, castles, continue to be "lived" and frequented even today from the moment of their construction). Along the territory of the Peninsula there are still 3177 castles and each of them is a testimony of ancient times, between wars and nobility, between legends and facts that have made the history of this country and its regions.

In Italy, museums contain only a small portion of the artistic heritage, most of it is disseminated in the cities and in the territory. This precious collection of works, the result of a centuries-old accumulation of ingenuity, wealth and civilization, makes up a unique combination in the world that immediately strikes the visitor's eyes and heart as much in the cities of art as in the thousands of small ancient villages.

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Travel ideas

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