Rome, Caput Mundi, is the most known city in the world. Founded according to the legend in 753 BC from the twins Romulus and Remus on the banks of the Tiber, Rome was the center of one of the greatest empires of antiquity and then the heart of Christian spirituality.

The UNESCO site contains a series of structures of incomparable artistic value, built over almost three millennia of history: monuments of antiquity, today the symbol of the city (such as the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Fori Imperiali), fortifications developed over the centuries, urban planning of the Renaissance and the Baroque period, civil and religious buildings, sculptures and paintings.

Over the centuries, Roman works have influenced architecture, painting and sculpture in all known territories of the ancient world, and in later periods have been taken as a model in Renaissance, Baroque and neoclassical art spread throughout the Western world

Rome is a unique example of the succession of the different eras of Western civilization because it contains areas of different historical periods grafted to each other within a unitary urban fabric. This complex and clear diversity of styles, which overlaps different architectural languages, merges into a uniform urban landscape and gives the site a strongly characteristic image.

Because of this particularity, Sigmund Freud compared the city of Rome to the structure of the human psyche, in which "nothing of what once acquired existence has disappeared".

Rome, which considers a priority to preserve its extraordinary cultural heritage and ensure the effective protection of its authenticity, remains an extremely lively center for meetings and exchanges as it has a very rich cultural, social and economic life, and is a destination of first floor for pilgrims and tourists.

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