Siena is an exceptional medieval city, a masterpiece of inventiveness, where buildings have been designed to adapt to the urban structure and form a whole with the surrounding landscape. Due to these characteristics, Siena has had a substantial influence on art, architecture and urban planning during the Middle Ages, both in Italy and in Europe.

The old town is bordered by the ancient ramparts, built between the 14th and 16th century, which follow the contours of the three hills on which the city was built, connected by three large streets that intersect Y into a valley that has then become Piazza del Campo. Inside the fortified walls, seven kilometers long, houses-towers, palaces, churches and religious structures survive in their original functions, but there are some splendid fountains, the road network and the green spaces related to the urban plan.

Through the centuries the city has maintained its gothic appearance acquired between the 12th and the 15th century, thanks also to the use of the Sienese arch which, brought to the city from the east during the Crusades, remained a predominant architectural element at the Renaissance.

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