Verona is located in northern Italy, where the Adige river meets the Po Valley. In the first century BC Verona became a Roman municipality and in the following centuries it underwent the domination of the Ostrogoths, the Lombards, and Charlemagne, always representing a center of primary military and cultural importance. It became an independent municipality in the 12th century and prospered under the Scaligeri family, who built the urban structure of the city and placed in the center Piazza delle Erbe, the ancient Roman forum, which during the Middle Ages became the seat of political and administrative power. even today, the remains of different eras enclose, harmoniously put together or merged together.

In 1405 Verona became part of the Republic of Venice, which in the four centuries of domination enriched its urban structure with many redevelopment works. Occupied by Napoleon, it was ceded in 1797 to the Austrians, who underlined its appearance as a stronghold making it one of the four fortified cities of the Lombardy-Veneto defensive Quadrilateral.

Protagonist of the Risorgimento and the wars of independence, Verona was united to the Kingdom of Italy in 1866.

The Roman remains are among the most important in Northern Italy and, among these, the Arena still contributes to the intense cultural life of the city as it hosts an extensive program of theatrical and musical performances of international level.

The monumental gates and fortifications testify to the strategic importance of the city, which until the 20th century was included in the walls rebuilt by the Scaligeri in the Middle Ages and is considered a great example of military stronghold, as well as an excellent representation of the concept itself of fortified city that has developed progressively for over two thousand years incorporating the artistic elements of every age.

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