Camonica Valley is known worldwide for its outstanding wealth and variety of engraved rock art. In 1979 it was the first Italian site to be included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It is a truly unique place of beauty and charm, where Humankind interacted with the environment since Prehistory, characterizing it as the “The Valley of Landmarks”.

UNESCO’s heritage n. 94 nomination, “Rock Drawings in Valcamonica”, testifies a bounty of engravings scattered along the entire valley, with more than 180 sites spread over 24 municipalities, covering more than twelve thousand years of history. Its chief importance refers not only to the amount of engraved subjects and their chronological evolution, but also to the close relation between the engraved figures and Human history: discovering and getting to know Camunian rock art is the first step toward a unique and unforgettable journey into European prehistory and protohistory, to arrive, through engravings of historical ages (Roman, medieval, modern) at the threshold of the 20th century.

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