The Valley of the Temples, declared in 1997 by UNESCO "World Heritage Site", contains one of the largest archaeological complexes in the Mediterranean. In an agricultural landscape of rare beauty mainly consisting of centuries-old olive trees and almond trees stand the majestic ruins of old Greek temples. Akragas was one of the most important Greek colonies in Sicily, covering about 450 hectares, founded around 582 BC. from settlers coming from nearby Gela and from Rhodes. The chosen site was a plateau naturally protected to the north by the Rupe Atenea and Colle di Girgenti and to the south by the long Hill of the Temples, bordered on the sides by the rivers Akragas and Hypsas merging to the south in a single course at the mouth of the ancient port ( emporion). The archaeological and landscape park of the Valley of the Temples, with its 1300 hectares, is one of the largest archaeological sites in the world.

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