According to data from the World Trade Organization, Italy is one of the main world destinations for religious tourism.


The presence of the Vatican and Rome, to which are added to other very important realities such as Assisi, Padua, San Giovanni Rotondo, Loreto and others, are every year indispensable destinations for millions of Catholics faithful. In Italy the places of faith include around 1,500 sanctuaries, 30,000 churches, 700 diocesan museums, as well as many monasteries and convents. Places in which a large part of Italian cultural and artistic heritage is concentrated and which represent fundamental stages for spiritual experiences. The Basilica of San Pietro is among the 25 most visited places of faith in the world. In recent years, many of the ancient paths that crossed the country are being rediscovered, leading pilgrims to the most important religious sites.

Main place of worship

The Basilica of San Marco in Venice

The Cathedral of Palermo

Te San Niccolò Cathedral in Noto

The Saint Valentine Cathedral in Bitonto

The Cathedral of Amalfi

The Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua

The cathedral of Loreto

The Synagogue of Rome

The Cathedral of Orvieto

The cathedral of San Lorenzo in Genoa

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta of Gerace

Travel ideas

Travel ideas

Al Mare

In Montagna

Su un'Isola

Al Lago

In una città d'arte

In antichi Borghi


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