Aquileia (Udine), crossing of prehistoric roads, colonized by the Romans, junction of Roman military campaigns and barbarian invasions, fundamental palaeo-Christian patriarchy, is one of the most fascinating and interesting places in Europe, recognized as a UNESCO heritage in 1998. Founded Romans as a military colony in 181 BC It was first a bulwark against the invasion of barbarian peoples and a starting point for military expeditions and conquests. Thanks to a good road network and a large river port, over time it became increasingly important for its trade and for the development of a very refined craftsmanship (glass, amber, fictilia, gems ...). It reached its peak under the dominion of Caesar Augustus (27 BC - 14 AD) becoming the capital of the X Regio "Venetia et Histria" and accelerating the process that would make it one of the most important metropolises of the Roman Empire. During the following centuries, internal wars, raids or external reprisals and rapid raids threatened the city that, involved in the broader crisis of the Empire, slowly began to acquire a new face becoming, with the arrival of Christianity, a center of missionary irradiation and of ecclesiastical organization.

The Basilica of Aquileia, built on the ruins of ancient Roman buildings, is famous for its precious 4th century mosaic floor, commissioned by Bishop Teodoro. Above all in the ninth century, by the patriarch Maxentius, the primitive basilica was enriched and important monastic complexes were built. In the eleventh century the basilica was heavily tampered with and enlarged, and there were many important works such as the Holy Sepulcher. Patriarch Poppone had the magnificent bell tower built in 1031. Over 70 meters tall it was used as a watch tower. Tradition, easily conjugated with pragmatic practicality, wants it built with recycled material from the Roman amphitheater. The frescoes of the Massenzian crypt are from the 12th century. The gothic arches were erected to buffer the extensive damage due to the earthquake of 1348.

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