The exceptional monumental complex of Caserta was built by the architect Luigi Vanvitelli at the behest of Charles of Bourbon, in the second half of the eighteenth century, in order to rival Versailles and Madrid. The site consists of the sumptuous Palazzo with the park, the gardens, a wooded area, the Carolino Aqueduct and the San Leucio industrial complex, for the production of silk fabrics.

The Palace is the fulcrum of the entire composition, set on a central axis that connects and unifies the entire complex. With the four courtyards and the spectacular vestibules, the Reggia is an example of a monumental structure destined to the lodgings of the sovereigns and to the stay of the entire court and, at the same time, an administrative center inspired by the model of the Escorial in Spain.

The park is the last of the large formal European gardens inspired by the creations of Versailles and the sixteenth-century models of Roman and Tuscan villas. The English Garden is one of the most important, ancient and picturesque examples of landscaped gardens made in Europe.

The heart of the San Leucio complex is the ancient Casino del Belvedere transformed by King Ferdinand IV of Bourbon into a spinning mill, creating an ideal community of workers, who are guaranteed homes, schools, medical assistance and all services, a symbol of a model of society based on the values ​​of work and equality.

The Carolino Aqueduct is an exceptional physical element of connection, which constitutes a real infrastructure serving not only the building and gardens but also the ironworks, mills and manufacturing industries along the way.

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